Atlassian Confluence enables teams to collaborate. It is the simple but powerful and flexible tool that helps teams to capture requirements, develop their ideas, find and share knowledge and document their work. If you’re looking for a vendor or partner for Atlassian Confluence licenses, contact Adaptavist now.

Atlassian Confluence: the tool for team collaboration

Confluence helps your teams to work better together, whether they’re in the same location, working together in real time or not. Create documents, review drafts, track changes, give and receive feedback and, in Confluence v6, edit documents collaboratively. Confluence lets you build a knowledge base for your teams, giving them a rich content editor, drag-and-drop file sharing and powerful search tools. What’s more, it’s underpinned by flexible notifications and granular permissions management.

For dev teams, business teams, all teams

Confluence is trusted by more than 22,000 teams around the world to help them organise, centralise and socialise their information and knowledge. Each team, project, department and individual can have their own space to organise their work. Share news, enable input and keep everyone connected to their information that impacts them. Let people share documents or collaborate within Confluence.

Product teams and dev teams can create specs, build interface wireframes, develop and publish documentation and support the development through its whole lifecycle by connecting to JIRA.

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