JFDI – getting started

There’s no simple ‘go faster’ button to push when it comes to tuning Atlassian applications. Getting the best performance out of them depends on having the right expertise, experience and tools.

Through our work with some of the world’s leading organisations, we’ve accumulated extensive experience of what to look for and – more importantly – how to approach performance issues. On this page we’ll be sharing videos, slides, tips, links and blogs to help you with your own Atlassian Performance Tuning.

Start with our overview below and our blog series of Atlassian Performance Tuning tips. And, of course, you can Contact Adaptavist if you need help.

“What affects performance? It’s usually users. Especially lots of users.”

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Video: The (Not So) Dark Art of Atlassian Performance Tuning

Watch Dan Hardiker’s presentation from Atlassian Summit, October 2013

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Understand the functionality that you are delivering to your users and the impact you are having on them.

Understand the business processes that the applications are there to support.

Build a usage profile. Who the different actors on your system are, what they do and what they’re trying to achieve.

Plugins can deliver impressive functionality but their effects can be profound. Control their use.

Monitor all points of contention around the application. Test them thoroughly during functional changes.

Take the path of least astonishment. Make everything – logging, caching, reporting, process management – work like everything else.