Content Formatting for Confluence adds better referencing, formulae and improved UI

Content Formatting for Confluence v6.0.0

We’re constantly working with customers and taking feedback to make Content Formatting for Confluence even better and more powerful. Version 6.0.0 of Content Formatting adds new features to make your Confluence content easier to use, adopt and consume.

Add mathematical formulae to your Confluence content

We were asked by a number of customers to add the ability to express mathematical formulae in Confluence pages. Our solution has been to let you add a LaTeX macro to a page. This new macro allows for both simple and complex formulas to be expressed with the correct formatting.

Add mathematical formulae to Confluence with the LaTex macro

Easily add footnotes and references

You can now seamlessly add footnotes and references to your Confluence content. The Footnotes feature lets you even add hyperlinks, text and images inside of your footnotes. We’ve also updated the interface to deliver a better user experience.

Enhanced footnotes and references

Add bibliographies with the BibTeX Macro

Content Formatting now also includes the ability to add BibTeX references to Confluence. You can now easily add BibTeX references to Confluence pages using the macro. You’ll also be able to easily create a bibliography of all your references through the BibTeX Display Macro.

Add bibliographies to Confluence pages

Improved UX for admins and users

We’ve also revisited the user experience of the Tabs Macro in this release. This macro allows content creators to nest content in tabs, shortening pages and allowing for more focused content.

The feedback that we received was that the Tabs can take a while to load. We’ve addressed this by adding the ability to ‘lazy load’ Tabs’ content. This means that instead of all of the content of your Tabs being loaded when the page loads, impacting the user experience, content for non-visible tabs will be loaded in the background.

Existing users of Content Formatting can update to v6.0.0 in Confluence now.

If you’re not already using Content Formatting, start a free trial to see how it can enhance your Confluence content.