Enterprise Add-Ons

Umbrella SSO

Extend your Enterprise single sign-on to JIRA, Confluence and other apps.

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Premium Add-Ons

Community Forums

Advanced control over the look and layout of Confluence.

Community Forums

Content Formatting

Content Formatting Macros now also includes support for rich content elements with a set of 5 premium macros.

Content Formatting


Create custom email forms with full control of fields and layout plus input validation, autocomplete and spam protection.

Form Mail for Confluence


Notifications for Confluence enables your Confluence users and teams to keep up to date with changes to Pages, Spaces and News items that are important to them.

Notifications for Confluence

ScriptRunner for JIRA

ScriptRunner is a collection of powerful but easy-to-use workflow functions, JQL functions, listeners and services.


ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Server

ScriptRunner enhances your Bitbucket Server projects, Git workflows and Git repositories.


ScriptRunner for Confluence

Extend Confluence events, script macros or customise menus and dialogs. Use the built-in admin scripts or write your own.


SmartDraw for Confluence

Enterprise-grade charts, plans and diagrams, intelligent and automated – right inside Confluence.

SmartDraw for Confluence


Gives you advanced control over the layout and look of your Confluence web site.


Free Add-Ons

Retired Add-Ons

Add-on not listed? It may be Retired